Hello! I am

Christian Gabriel Schneider

Scientist, Biotechnology & Medicine

What I am currently up to

I started studying medicine at Charite Berlin in 2016 with the aim to become a scientist and developer for medical and biotechnology products. From 2017 to 2019, I built a student research team, with over 45 participants and funding from industry and academia, for developing and field-testing molecular technologies. In 2020, I started my doctoral research stay at the La Manno Lab (EPFL) as part of my MD/PhD at Charite and focused on the development of NGS based biotechnologies in-silico and in the wet-lab.

  • #Spatial Omics
  • #Temporal Omics
  • #Python
  • #R
  • #css
  • #html
  • #Translational Research
  • #Neuroscience
  • #Systems Biology
  • #Synthetic Biology
  • #Quantitative Biology
  • #Single Cell
  • #Violine (classical)
  • #Triathlon (just for fun)

Some of my previous projects

Tomographer converts NGS reactions into spatialomics techniques

Now available on Biorxiv: My first project at La Manno Lab in computational biology, spatial omics.

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Diagnost-x moves into application: a clinical field study in Zambia

In a collaborative effort with the University of Zambia and the TU Munich, we launched the first trial for our technology.

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My student research team Diagnost-x wins gold at the iGEM comptetion (MIT)

Based on RNA switches in a cell-free expression system, we developed a diagnostic device for a tropical disease.

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Technical Skills

Expertise aka. what I enjoy the most

Machine Learning
Quantitative Biology
Spatial & Temporal Omics
Translational Research
Agile Methods & Design Thinking


Biotechnology Visiting Researcher (sent from Charite)

EPFL, La Manno Lab: 2020-
  • Tech dev computational science (spatialomics)
  • Tech dev wet-lab (single cell)

Human Medicine & MD/PhD Student

Charité Berlin: 2016-
  • Dissertation with affiliation to Charite, NeuroCure, EPFL
  • Full Scholar of German Academic Scholarship Foundation